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Zoom Brjóstapumpa - Tvöföld - Bella twin
Zoom Brjóstapumpa - Tvöföld - Bella twin
Zoom Brjóstapumpa - Tvöföld - Bella twin

Brjóstapumpa - Tvöföld - Bella twin

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Hannað af brjóstagjafaráðgjöfum, læknum & ljósmæðrum

Neno brand is most often recommended by moms, midwives and certified lactation consultants. You can be sure that these are the highest quality products, consistent with current medical knowledge.

A double breast pump provides you comfort, saves your time and improves lactation. The Neno Bella Twin breast pump has suction power settings – it adjusts itself to your needs, letting you painlessly express breast milk. If you need to, you can also use Neno Bella Twin as a single breast pump.

THE BABY’S NATURAL RHYTHM - The technology used in Neno Bella Twin is true to life imitation of a baby’s natural suckling, making it a very efficient method of breast milk expression. Phase 1 is quick, shallow suctions. It stimulates the mammary glands and it can be regulated in a range of 6 levels. Phase 2 is deep milk expression through slower, deeper suctions with 9-level power adjustment.

STRONG BATTERY - Neno Bella Twin is a breast pump that can be used anywhere. You can express milk at work, on vacation or on a trip. After 2 minutes of stimulation, the device automatically switches to expression mode and turns off after a total of 30 minutes of work. Just sit down comfortably and let the breast pump do all the heavy lifting. 

EASY STERILIZATION - Neno Bella Twin is made out of of few elements, making it easy to disassemble for sterilization. Use boiling water or a steam sterilizer like Neno Vita instead.

SAFE - All parts of the device are free from harmful bisphenol, letting the breast pump safely come in contact with breast milk.

QUIET AND HEALTHY - The Neno Bella Twin breast pump is quiet and it can be discreetly used under any conditions. You don’t need to worry about waking your baby up when you feel the need to express milk. The expressed milk can be used during the next feeding, letting your baby sleep soundly and keeping you healthy. The breast pump is fully BPA-free.

SMART SCREEN - The display screen of the Neno Bella Twin breast pump is clear and easy to read. It informs you about the currently chosen work mode, power settings and remaining battery power. The Neno Bella Twin breast pump will remember your preferred settings. When turning the device on, it will automatically switch to mode and power settings used by you before

DELICATE BREAST SHIELD - The breast shield is made out of delicate, BPA-free, Japanese silicone. The ergonomic shape of the funnel can adjust itself to all breast shapes. The breast shield is best suited for use with teats that are between 18,5 mm and 21,5 mm in diameter. The breast shield provides comfort and is safe for your skin. There are also different sizes of breast shields offered by Neno: 21 mm and 27 mm

TAKE IT WITH YOU - The Neno Bella Twin breast pump will look perfectly anywhere. The breast pump is light and handy, letting you easily fit it into a big purse to take with you to work, letting you express milk whenever you need.

Wireless breast pumps
All Neno breast pumps are wireless and can be used anywhere! When expressing milk, you no longer have to sit in a place connected to a power supply or change the batteries very often, as the battery in all Neno breast pumps is rechargeable.


Brjóstapumpa - Tvöföld - Bella twin

20.315 kr Regular price 23.900 kr


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