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Zoom Brjóstapumpa - Tvöföld - Camino
Zoom Brjóstapumpa - Tvöföld - Camino
Zoom Brjóstapumpa - Tvöföld - Camino
Zoom Brjóstapumpa - Tvöföld - Camino

Brjóstapumpa - Tvöföld - Camino

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Neno brand is most often recommended by moms, midwives and certified lactation consultants. You can be sure that these are the highest quality products, consistent with current medical knowledge.


  • 3 phase: Stimulation, Expression & Let-down mixed phase 

  • 5 stimulation levels, 9 expression levels & 5 mixed levels

  • Touch panel 

  • Can be used to express milk from one or both breasts 

  • Premium PPSU bottles - higher temperature and impact resistance

  • Memory setting

  • Carry pouch included


The Neno Camino breast pump was designed with mothers in mind. Before turning on the milk expression mode, the device stimulates breast glands, ensuring better milk flow.

TAKE IT FOR A STROLL thanks to a built-in battery, neno camino lets you quickly and painlessly express breast milk anytime you need, wherever you are.

HIGH QUALITY OF BREAST SHELDS The breast shields used by Neno Camino are ergonomic and lie comfortably on your skin. The transparent pattern on their surface makes them very aesthetically pleasing. The breast pump is made out of high-quality materials that can safely come in contact with expressed breast milk, ensuring the good health of both mother and her child.

QUALITY TIME Neno Camino can help you express milk from both breasts at the same time, saving your time. Your breast milk can be safely refrigerated and fed to the baby at any moment. 

UNIVERSAL You can use this breast pump regardless of your breast size. The elastic, carefully designed breast shield adjusts itself to your breast. The device imitates natural suction of a child, making the milk expression process comfortable and painless.

QUICK CHARGING Thanks to the built-in battery, the breast pump can be taken outside and used even when you don’t have a power outlet near you. Additionally, the neno camino model can be charged with a powerbank, so you don’t have to worry about it running out of power when you’re away from home.

A FULL SET Aside from the breast pump, the neno camino set includes two milk bottles and rubber teats that fit them, as well as breast shields, dust covers and support bases that make using the device even easier.

DESIGNED WITH LOVE A mother’s contact with her child is an irreplaceable bond that cannot be described with mere words. We believe that our breast pumps will help you grow that bond, providing comfort both for the young mother and her baby.

NEW BOTTLE The neno camino breast pump comes with two new milk bottles, resistant to high and low temperatures, as well as physical shocks. Of course, just like all other neno products, the bottles are BPA-free.

DOUBLE OR SINGLE Neno Bueno gives you the choice of using the dual-breast pump feature but can also be used as a single pump to express milk depending on your needs allowing for a more personalized experience and comfort.

ACCESSORIES & REPLACEMENTS All Neno accessories and replacement parts are designed to be 100% compatible with our range of breast pumps. The Neno Bueno set includes two individual 180ml bottles. You can also purchase any replacement parts such as breast shields, replacement tubes, membranes, and valves.

Premium bottles Our latest breast pump has been equipped with two 180ml bottles from our latest premium range, and every component is 100% BPA-free.The bottles are made from PPSU giving them a higher temperature resistance and greater resistance to impact. 

COMPATIBLE WITH NENO ACCESSORIES The Bueno breast pump is 100% compatible with all Neno brand products, so you can easily mix and match any replacement parts and accessories such as the storage bags. 

IN GOOD HANDS The Neno brand is most often recommended by mothers, midwives, and lactation consultants. 

Wireless breast pumps
All Neno breast pumps are wireless and can be used anywhere! When expressing milk, you no longer have to sit in a place connected to a power supply or change the batteries very often, as the battery in all Neno breast pumps is rechargeable.


Brjóstapumpa - Tvöföld - Camino

22.015 kr Regular price 25.900 kr


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