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Zoom Brjóstapumpa - Perfetto
Zoom Brjóstapumpa - Perfetto

Brjóstapumpa - Perfetto

19.465 kr Regular price 22.900 kr
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Einföld og þægileg þráðlaus brjóstapumpa. Hannað af brjóstagjafaráðgjöfum, læknum & ljósmæðrum


  • 3 phase: Stimulation, Expression & Let-down Mixed Phases

  • 9 stimulation levels, 9 expression levels & 9 mixed levels

  • Waterproof - Can be used in the shower or in the bath 

  • Premium PPSU Bottles - higher temperature and impact resistant 

  • Touch panel 

  • Memory setting

  • 2 breast shield sizes included – 21mm and 24mm

This is a single three-phase electronic breast pump Perfetto by Neno.

The device is equipped with IPX 6 waterproof rating, which protects the breast pump from splashes from different directions. So you can use the device in the shower or while taking a bath. Water droplets falling on the device and steam rising in the room will not have a negative impact on the functionality of the breast pump. The set includes a scratch-resistant bottle together with a stand, teat and stopper, a velvet storage bag, two breastmilk storage bags together with a connector and funnels in the two most universal sizes: SLIM 21 mm and MEDIUM 24 mm.

Wireless breast pumps

All Neno breast pumps are wireless and can be used anywhere! When expressing milk, you no longer have to sit in a place connected to a power supply or change the batteries very often, as the battery in all Neno breast pumps is rechargeable.

CARED FOR Neno brand is most often recommended by moms, midwives and certified lactation consultants. You can be sure that these are the highest quality products, consistent with current medical knowledge.

Brjóstapumpa - Perfetto

19.465 kr Regular price 22.900 kr


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