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Zoom Dýna - 89x38

Dýna - 89x38

8.990 kr
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Troll mattress for children has comfortable polyester fiber padding and a 100% cotton cover that is easy to remove and wash. Available in three sizes and adapted for a crib, cot, or junior bed. 

Tip! Don't forget to occasionally turn and rotate the child's mattress. In this way, the load or weight will be more evenly distributed. 


Size Crib Length: 89 cm | Width 38 cm Height 5 cm

Size Cot Length: 120 cm Width 60 cm | Height 8 cm

Size Cot bed Length 140 cm Width 70 cm Height 8 cm

Washing instructions: The outer fabric that is pulled off is machine washed at 60 degrees. The inner mattress can be washed by hand, without detergent at a max of 40 degrees. Squeeze out any access water, do not turn the mattress.

Dýna - 89x38

8.990 kr


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