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Zoom Framhlið - Lux - Junior - White - Forpöntun

Framhlið - Lux - Junior - White - Forpöntun

10.900 kr
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Framhlið á Lux rúm


Junior long side that fits a Troll cot Lux, Royal, Lina, Loft and Romantica cots. Perfect to use when you want to turn your cot into a small junior bed where the child can step in and out by themselves. Losen and remove one of the long sides on the cot and replace with the junior rail using the same screws and screw holes.

Keep in mind that the junior side can only be used when the mattress base is in the lowest position.

  • Size Length: 120 cm | Height 62.4 cm | Depth: 2.8 cm
  • Material Birch
  • Colour code NCS S 0300-N / NCS S 0500-N
  • Care Wipe dry with a damp cloth. Avoid strong detergents or abrasives.

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Framhlið - Lux - Junior - White - Forpöntun

10.900 kr


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