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Zoom Náttlampi - Hvalur

Náttlampi - Hvalur

7.990 kr
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Fallegur lampi frá Filibabba. 

 Breytir um lit ef klappað er létt á kollinn á honum.
usb tengi fylgir með og lampinn slekkur sjálfur á sér eftir 30 mínútur. 

Christian the whale keeps you safe all night through. When you are tucked up in your bed, he lights up your room and creates the most snug atmosphere to make you feel safe and sound. Our little whale-shaped LED lamp brings real hygge to your room and shines softly on your changing table or on your parent’s bedside tables when you are in need of a night time snack. Pad Christian gently on his head to make him shine in many different colours.

Christian the Whale is the perfect bedtime lamp, as the red light promotes the production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, aiding your little one to fall asleep.* Hence, Christian is also ideal as a nursing lamp.

Our cute whale lamp is made from soft silicone and comes with a rechargeable battery (USB charger). After two hours of charging, Christian will shine for six to eight hours without getting hot.
Christian the whale is part of our interior collection and is not meant to be used as a toy.

Náttlampi - Hvalur

7.990 kr


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